Different types of taxi that operate in the city of BATH

Black Cabs

Hackney Carriages or “Black Cabs” can be found at various locations doted around the City of Bath. They are normally found in specific locations around the city either at taxi ranks and are usually available to be hired immediately from the taxi rank.

Another great way of getting yourself into a black cab is to hail at it. As it drives along either stick your arm out or even whistle if you like! Just enough to gain the drivers attention, if the black cab is available for hire it will stop and pick you up. Remember NEVER try to hail a cab by stepping out into the road or in front of the cab as the may result in injury.

Things to look out for when using or hiring a Black Cab/Hackney.

* The cabs may look like normal cars or MPV’s as well as the more recognisable London Black Cab which almost everyone will associate as being a taxi.

* All Bath black cabs will have a visible taximeter within the cab which will clearly show how much you should pay. If you cant not see one please ask the driver to present the taximeter

* All Bath black cabs/Hackney Carriage fares are set by Bath City Council and it is illegal for the driver to charge more. This is why it important make sure the taximeter is visible, so you know that the taxi is not charging you too much.

* If required a map showing all Baths Black Cab/ Hackney Carriage ranks is available from the tourist information centre, or even ask a taxi driver if you see one at a taxi rank.

*All Bath taxi’s, all have a visible display a sign on the roof of the cab with the word TAXI clearly displayed in bold text. All of Bath’s licenced black cab must also by law display vehicle I.D. plates on the outside of the cab. These plates are found at the rear and the front of the taxi showing information of the taxi company and should show the council logo. Never get into a cab which does not show a licence plate, as it may not be a real bath taxi.

Private Hire cars

Private Hire cars or mini-cabs are very a great way to get about or if you require a door to door service.

The majority of Baths Private Hire cars can be booked in advance by contacting the company direct or over the phone. Private cars do not operate in the same way as regular taxis as they cannot stop in the street to pick you up or hailed.

All Baths city Private Hire cars are either saloon, estates cars or mini-buses with a maximum of eight seats.

All Private hire cars in Bath set their own fairs and not set by the Council, unlike Hackney cabs which are controlled by the council.. We would advise contacting a few companies to get the best quote for your journey.

The best way to spot a Bath Private Hire car is its distinctive roof sign. The sign on the roof looks like a half a yellow moon, with the companies private hire licence number and will state in bold text “ADVANCE BOOKING ONLY”.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Drivers

*Anyone who drives one of these vehicles must apply to the Council for a licence to drive Hackney Carriages or Private Hire vehicles.

* The Council carries out a series of stringent tests before a driver is granted a licence.

* This means that you can rest assured that any person driving a licenced vehicle in the area is safe and that they should behave in a courteous and professional manner.

* REMEMBER you are paying for a service, the driver should be courteous and helpful, particularly if you have luggage or shopping.

* DON’T accept rude or unhelpful service.

* All drivers are required to wear an identification badge on their upper body when hired or available for hire, they are also required to display an identification badge inside the vehicle.